Friday, 10 February 2017


Anne C here.  I'll be honest, I haven't been to Marks's for a while because I didn't like what I was seeing.  I used to love Per Una, but it's now frumpy and hasn't moved on since it was first launched by George Davies back in 2001 - and where is seems to have stuck.

So when my daughter bought me some M&S vouchers for Christmas,  I ventured back into store, I was surprised to find some fabulous bargains and some great clothes. Unfortunately though, there are still some frumpy clothes lurking in corners, though to be fair to everyone, I don't really like winter clothes - such depressing colours!

I get it that the classic collection was the staple for women of a certain age who want comfortable hard-wearing clothes, but since I am now approaching my mid-60s (yikes!) I don't consider myself in that market - for me it signifies easy clothing which care homes can throw into the washing machine without any effort.  I am sorry if that seems really unfair, but having seen my late mum-in-law in a care home, I can honestly say that the hard-working staff have more to do than lovingly wash, iron and carefully hang clothes back into the wardrobe.

I think the problem for M&S is that it has tried to be all things to all women.  It tried to attract a younger buyer, but their clothes are slightly more expensive and many young women want high-fashion inexpensive clothing which they can dispose of in a couple of seasons.

My daughter (she's 26) is trying to carve out a career in the corporate world and has just discovered M&S, having refused to even enter the store in her teens - but she can only afford a few key pieces. For me it stands to reason that their ranges have to be aimed at the over 30s, who can afford to spend a little more, but who nonetheless, want to appear "classic fashionable" is there is such a term - well there is now because I just coined it.

I have a Sparks card and receive their regular emails, but apparently when they do their research, they don't want me - having been turned down a couple of times because I don't fit the criteria - which is a damned shame because I have been brought up on M&S, always loved the brand, but feel I have been dumped in their eagerness to attract a different audience.

Anyway, on a positive note, I thought I would share my sale bargains with you - and incidentally I managed to spend three times more than my voucher as I paid for a couple of outfits for said daughter. Unfortunately the sales are now over, so unless your local shop still has any of these left, you might have to look in the outlet stores.

First up with my bargains is this lookey-likey Chanel-style jacket in the Autograph range, reduced from £129.99 to £52.99.  I absolutely love this but will be taking off the press studs which I think cheapen it, and just having it as an edge-to-edge style.  I have teamed it with a plain black tee and black trousers - also from M&S some years ago.

I have accessorised with silver earrings from Silpada and black suede boots with a sparkly heel from Asos (similar ones here).  To give the outfit a Jackie O feel, I have added some Chanel sunglasses from a few seasons ago.

I love this creamy-beige double chiffon top with jewelled neckline and back fastening. So many blouses with dipped hemlines are flimsy, but this covers everything up, as well as hiding a multitude of sins underneath. It was reduced from £49.50 to £17.99.

I am wearing it with the same black trousers as before, but this time have accessorised with a sparkly Swarovski watch, gold-tone earrings from Pierre Lang - which unfortunately no longer operates in the UK, although some pieces are still available on the internet.  The black suede peep-toe heels are Miss KG - again sadly no longer available.

My next purchase was a colourful long-line sweater in black with pink flowers with a short zip front reduced from £39.50 to £18.99. Since this is for everyday wear, I have teamed with M&S denim jeggings.



  1. You've found some gems there Anne C. Very chic blouse in cream. Gorgeous jacket. I hope I can find that my store don't know the sale is over. I'm going to hunt for those 2 top items. I so agree with all your comments re M&S. Such a shame they can't quite get it right.

    1. Thank you for your comments Anna. I think the sales are pretty much over now - I got these about 3 weeks ago and they're not on the website now. Maybe some stores have some left or possibly the outlets if you have one of those nearby. Shame I think Marks's isn't interested in what we have to say. Hope you find something! Anne C.


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