Friday, 29 January 2016


Anne C. here now!  As you can see from a couple of my coats (below) I love colour!  The first one is from Marks and Spencer early last year and is a fuscia pink wool 3/4 coat which I love.  I have teamed it with a co-ordinating scarf and gloves (also M&S), and black skinny trousers.  My boots are suede with black studded heels and are from Primark (this season)! I like to mix up quality items with budget chain store - and Primark shoes and boots are probably the most comfortable I have ever worn!

The second shot is one of my favourite coats of all time and I daren't tell you how old it is.  I tend to wear this as an evening coat if I'm going somewhere slightly special as it's a bit longer and covers up dresses which I would wear for a night out.  This one was bought from Kaleidoscope mail order.



Here goes for our post about our winter coat choices.  And, as ever, we are quite different.  So will start with mine first .....  I am Anne H for some clarity.  My style is minimalist with simple, classic lines and a pretty basic colour palette - grey, black, blue and white predominate in my wardrobe.   My favourite source for coats at the moment is COS ... well, in truth my favourite source for most things is COS. 

I prefer single breasted coats if I am going to be doing them up and arguably why would you want a coat if leaving it undone all the time? But if it is belted then I would tend to leave it undone to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes.  COS sale is still on so worth a visit to see what they have left.  The shorter coat shown here is still available:  The grey Harris Tweed full length coat is from last year so sorry to say is no longer available. 

In both pictures I have teamed them with jeans from ACNE and boots from Uterque. 


Friday, 22 January 2016

Hi and welcome to our blog for sensational baby boomers

First of all, let us introduce ourselves – we are Anne Hadfield and Anne Crowther, so with both of us called Anne - it’s going to be a bit confusing when we write about our individual styles.
We wanted to create this site because we firmly believe that our 60s are our new 40s – we still love fashion and style,  relish clothes shopping, adore travelling and enjoy feeling good for our ages. Looking at how our mothers dressed and behaved at our ages bears absolutely no resemblance to the kind of lives we live today.  They were old ladies at 60.
We met at college nearly 40 years ago when we both took up a night school marketing course.  Both of us have gone on to have long and successful careers though they took slightly different directions, but we have become firm friends – in fact since our respective families have sadly dwindled, we have become family – sharing Christmases, birthdays and holidays, as well as supporting each other through some of the not so great times (and yes – there have been a few of those too).
We both have 20 something daughters – and in fact Anne H’s daughter has her own style blog, which is where the idea for ours was born. She has often appeared in the background of Lizzy’s Shotfromthestreet blog which we love!  We both also borrow our daughter’s accessories, bags and sometimes shirts and jumpers, which is something our own mothers would never have dreamed of doing! And it should be said that our daughters also “borrow” (usually long-term) our accessories too.
Having done extensive researched on style blogs for silver vixens such as ourselves, we found they didn’t represent  our lives and love of style like the sassy 60 somethings we are!
So onto our own personal styles!  Anne H. is tall and slim and goes for understated elegance.  She is very rational about her style purchases, buying good quality key pieces for each season – often in the sales to get the best value.  Her basic capsule colours are black, grey and navy with touches of white and cream to give an overall mono look.  She often struggles to get trousers to fit her super-long legs, though she has narrowed down those designers who cater for taller women. She also has slim feet so that can often be a problem for her too!
Anne C. on the other hand is just 5’ 2” and loves colour – preferably pink (geriatric Barbie!!) and is an impulse buyer – even in the supermarket! Her wardrobes (of which there are five double ones) are an eclectic mix of vibrant colours with labels from Primark to Max Mara.  Being rather overweight (she has been attending Slimming World for three years and has managed to lose 3 stone, but it’s a constant struggle) and rather curvy, she struggles to find clothes which fit well and cover up the lumps and bumps she still has.
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