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After Anne C's accident we managed to make some commando style visits to various locations working in a relay so she wasn't alone for any length of time.  The biggest disappointment of all was that she wasn't with us for this part as we had made so many exciting plans and had all been looking forward to our time in New York together.  We have had many holidays together when the girls were younger so knew we would have had the best time and so many giggles.  


New York City has an atmosphere like nowhere else in the evening, and no more so than around Times Square.  It isn't necessarily somewhere I would relish late at night and on my own, but the ambience is electric and I think these pictures capture that quite well.  I was really surprised to see near-naked girls with just body paint covering them, parading around on our visit there during the day - all painted in the US colours but none the less I thought it a little distasteful and exploitative. 


Times Square, NYC

On our drive back to the East Village we went past the Helmsley Building on Park Avenue which was designed by the same architects as Grand Central Terminal - Warren and Wetmore.  I think it is so pretty and loved the blue lighting effect, highlighted by the over-shadowing MetLife building. 

Manhattan at night


Lizzy and I were also lucky enough to go to the top of the Rockefeller and Bar 65 at Rainbow Room - definitely worth booking to ensure you get a table outside, but be aware of the minimum $50 per head cover charge.  We had taken the lift with a mature couple who had been going for a number of years and were lamenting the lack of enforcement of the dress code.  We had seen there was a dress code and had made sure we were smartly dressed - but that was definitely not the case for anyone else.  Whatever the dress code is it allowed for jeans and shorts - a shame I think that they do not keep to it's true original standards. 

Bar 65 Rainbow Room

Top of the Rock NYC

We enjoyed a signature G&T and burger for our dinner and both were fabulous.  The service was attentive and efficient, but because they allow people to stand around the edge of the eating area it wasn't the most relaxed of dining experiences.

Bar 65 Rainbow Room NYC

But the view was amazing and it was such a clear evening we could see for miles.  The original booking had been for all four of us to go for 8.45pm and it would have been so amazing to see the view at night with all the lights.  Next time we will all be there!  

Top of the Rock NYC

Top of the Rock NYC



  1. I also wish there were more dress codes adhered to and even put in place. It's good to have an opportunity to dress a bit smarter. I've never been to New York. It's on my wishlist. Maybe next year.

  2. We love stylish clothes Anna - would sooner be over-dressed than under-dressed! NYC well worth a visit, there's just so much to do and see and despite whether it was false or not, everyone was so friendly.

  3. The Top of the Rock looks amazing, but it's such a shame that Anne C wasn't with you and that not everyone makes an effort to dress well! I hope you enjoyed it anyway and that you will all be able to go back together!
    Julia xx

    1. It was a huge disappointment not to all be there. It would have been a beautiful clear night and so lovely to see the city lit up. Next time. A x


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