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All we can say this week is WOW! We are showing you some amazing standout hats in fabulous rainbow colours to go with any outfit - whether you are a mother of the bride or groom, a guest at a wedding or christening/naming cermony, or spending a day at Royal Ascot (but beware of their very strict rules on hats!)

Wedding hats

Earlier this week we showed off photographs of our day with specialist milliner Liz Wright at Simply Devine Hats in Tadcaster, Yorkshire, focusing on just having fun and trying on different hats.

This is the second and final blog on hats, but there was just so many and in different styles that we wanted to show you everything - but no more hats after this!

Liz is an expert with an incredible eye for what suits us.  First thing to bear in mind is our colouring. Anne C is a natural brunette (though she has a little help these days to keep it that way), while Anne H had fair hair which has turned to a pale salt and pepper shade.  We took along a couple of outfits to play around with, and that would certainly determine what colour hat to wear.

Special occasion hats
Liz's first advice to Anne H was to remove the cream jacket and add a dark coat with a brighter hat as there was just too little colour going on at the upper part of her, which can be draining.  By wearing a brighter colour, it gave more depth and created a healthier look.  I saw the look of horror on Anne's face as Liz chose a bright hot pink hat with self-coloured band and feather quills, but she was pleasantly surprised with how good it actually looked on her. The cost of this is £299.

Brightly coloured hats

Anne C had previously visited Simply Devine and had already spotted this huge black and off white hatinator, and had been itching to try it on. With incredible stitching detailing, this little number sits on a black satin band, and worked well with a simple black dress, lifting it so it didn't look dowdy. Trimmed with black and off-white detail and edged with the same colour, the black feather quills gave this  piece a touch of added drama, and costs £285.

Race day hat

Special occasion hats

Wearing her cream and navy vintage Valentino jacket, Anne H needed a complete contrast, so Liz chose a dark navy fascinator trimmed with a delicate net veil but with a dramatic feather to give height. This one is priced at £149.


Mother of the bride hats

Always one for the touch of the dramatic, Anne C opted for this gorgeously opulent red poppy couture hat with black feather trimming (Anne H wore the white version in an earlier post), and teamed it with a red satin evening clutch bag to pull the whole outfit together. The hat retails at £360, while the majority of the silk clutch bags are in the region of £25-£31.99.

Race day hats

Simply Devine has a small collection of dresses, and chose this pale grey spotted dress - which does have a matching jacket - for Anne H to try on.  She teamed it with a dramatic black and white hat, lavishly decorated with pearls, feathers and flowers, and priced at £275.

Wedding hat

Wearing one of her favourite Barbie pink shades, this sparkly lace print number is vaguely reminiscent of a coolie hat, and sits on a pink satin band and is trimmed with feather quills and a statement flower and costs £285.  Liz has teamed with a beautifully matched pink jewelled evening clutch bag.

Race day hats
Anne H then tried a cute navy fascinator to match her navy dress (the pearls are vintage), which Liz positioned perfectly to show off her face. This inexpensive fascinator is just £91.

Dramatic hat
Ever the drama Queen, this creation must surely be the most over the top hatinator in the entire shop!  This particular version is in a beautiful shade of pale peach, but it is also stocked in black, orange, red and blue, and also comes in two different sizes - this one being the larger of the two. Very definitely a statement piece, reflected in the price of £420.

Another little pink number below for Anne H - this one a small saucer-shaped hatinator in a bright pink shade trimmed with a lovely pink flower and costs £140.

Special occasion hat

The shocking pink silk hatinator worn by Anne C is one of her favourite shades, and prettily trimmed with pink silk, feathers and black quills costing £240, but Anne thought it too small to balance out her curvier shape.

Wedding hat

And finally, Anne H also said no to this lightweight fascinator, with large decorative bow and flower, and retailing at £140, which she felt was just too over the top for her more subdued tastes.

Dramatic hat

Final advice from Liz is that you really do get what you pay for.  While high street stores are probably cheaper, most of them will be mass manufactured in China and the material is very see-through, while Liz's hats are all chosen specifically by her and are quality pieces using more substantial materials which are made to last.  Liz  offers a bespoke service and can also supply specific shades and match flowers and accessories to the hat so that it will match your outfit exactly. And if you are mother of the bride - you really don't want to turn up in the same hat as one of the guests!

So now I'm spoilt for choice and want them all - anyone want to hire a wedding guest????


  1. Stunning. I love hats. My lovely wedding hat is still in it's box under the bed, waiting for another occasion. I adore and treasure it. It cost a fortune at Selfridges, but as you say, you get what you pay for. Good post

    1. Thank you Heather, glad you enjoyed it. We certainly enjoyed doing this post and as the non-hat wearing Anne it really opened my eyes to the power of a good hat to lift an outfit to something quite special. We are lucky in the UK that we have a gat wearing culture.


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