Friday, 1 June 2018


Unlike the other Anne, I don't wear glasses all of the time - just for reading and working on the laptop, so I don't have a big choice of frames.

In fact my eyes have changed very little since I started wearing glasses for close-up work, so I still wear every pair I have ever owned - and can read perfectly well with all of them. 

These Chanel frames are not my newest, but are probably my favourites, so I still wear these quite a lot - even though they are probably around eight years old.  They are the Chanel 3211 1266 in red and I haven't been able to see any new ones online, though I did find some brown used frames on ebay here.

The gold frames with white leopard print sides are a bit of fun, and also a pair I have had for quite a while.  These are from Julian Beaumont of Dunelm Eyewear, and I tend to wear these only in summer.

In fact I do tend to wear glasses as a bit of a fashion accessory, so would wear these with light coloured clothing. I even have some ready-readers in different colours to match with my outfits (in purple, blue, zebra print and pink !)

These frames (above and below) are no longer available, and I am unable to find anything similar online, though there are plenty of heavier animal print frames.

I have noticed from these photos that I don't vary my style very much - unlike the other Anne who likes to ring the changes and is very adventurous with her choices - mine are all quite similar in style.

These brown tortoiseshell frames are also by Chanel, though I don't wear these too often because they hurt the tops of my ears! Perhaps they are a little more rounded that the other pairs I have and again ones which I have had for years.

My very first pair of prescription glasses are the Retro design also by Dunelm Eyewear, probably from 10 years ago - but still wearing well! These are in dark red and feature and black and white detail on the front sides  - and they live at the side of my bed for when I'm reading either late night or early morning!

Finally my latest pair are by Jimmy Choo, and although not current season, they are available online here. Unfortunately you cannot see the detail on the picture because my fringe hides the sides, but if you click on the link, you will see they are in two colours, brown tortoisehall with black with gold sides.

My favourites are still the red Chanel - but please let me know what you think - should I be more adventurous next time????


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