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Anne H here following up on my July holiday to Tropea.  I have featured Tropea itself on a number of blog posts (here, here and here) and thought that this time I would focus on the clothes I wore on holiday, split over two posts featuring daytime and evening looks.  One of the key things with me is that I reintroduce the same clothes year after year.  I don't know about anyone else who lives in the cloudy and often wet UK, but my summer holiday wardrobe is completely different from my usual outfits and really only gets used a couple of weeks each year. Hence, I tend to only buy the odd new item each year.  

The outfit above is a rerun of last years - the blue longline shirt is from Zara and a really useful addition to any wardrobe as it can be worn as a cover up or, as here, over trousers. The linen trousers are also Zara and the sandals were purchased this year when on holiday in Rome.

If I was looking for a shirt like this now I would go for this one from Zara  because I really like the structure, or this flowing shirt from Mango.  

I did actually buy these trousers this year when in Rye.  They have a fab elasticated waist and a loose unstructured style that I love for holiday but never wear when I am home in the UK.  They are by a brand called d.e.c.k by decollage and seem to be stocked mostly by independent retailers. The top is another from Zara and is a really cool swing design with lots of pleats.  Both items are man made fabrics but still cool to wear on a hot summer days. The sandals are from Next and I have had them for ages - sadly they are due for the bin now as the metalwork is coming away.  

The top below was purchased earlier this year - so much for me saying I don't buy much summer clothing, clearly a lie!  It is from a brand called Aspiga and is a really light cotton and comfortable to wear, again as a cover up or over trousers.  This one is available on their site in the sale and also comes in white. They are brilliant site for summer beach wear including some beautiful sandals, so well worth a look.  

Relieved to say that I have had the cotton turn up trousers for a number of years and they have a bit more structure to them than the linen ones so make an outfit look a bit smarter. They are by a brand called YaYa, again stocked by independents, but I think these cotton blend M & S trousers are pretty good too.

The next outfit is also a re-run, being a white top from River Island and black linen trousers from Zara.  I like this pair from Next as they are long enough for me. I tend to favour full length trousers over cropped or capri and like a flowing shape for summer wear.  For a similar top I would go for this one from Fat Face via John Lewis as it has a similar length and feel to it. 

When we were in Rome a couple of years ago I bought this simple cotton top from Muji in both blue and white.  It is not somewhere you might naturally think to go for clothing, but they have a great range of simple classic designs in natural materials. 

The trousers are the YaYa ones previously featured, but wait for it some more new shoes! These are my favourite, most comfortable and the third pair that I have owned, so almost a re-run.  They are Varca and are made in Menorca.  I first came across them in Majorca when my daughter was little and I bought a pair for her and quickly realised that they were a very clever design - a sling back that does not come off your foot... perfect for a child or adult. Then I discovered them in the UK years later for adults so I got buying and never regretted it.  I go for the flat version and they are so so easy to wear, I can walk for miles in them. 

Back with some true oldies - this H & M sleeveless top is an old favourite and a lovely slate grey. It washes like a rag and is a really flattering cut and length.  I have again teamed it with Zara linen trousers and those Roman sandals.   I try to get maximum wear out of what I have taken by teaming different tops for day and evening with the same trousers - as you will see on the post next week. 

And just to share some sunshine from our days in Tropea. Which I am missing so so much now.  Got the heating on and a cardigan.  Yep, truly home in Blighty.  


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  1. Zara is a great place to get stylish, 60-something appropriate, affordable clothing. I especially love the 1st outfit pictured, the long shirt with the linen pants. Beautifully chic and casual. All your selections are lovely. The only exception I'd comment on is the black Aspiga top. While cute and comfortable as a top, the horizontal lines, the oversized fit / length and large neck opening create a frumpy look, not what your other photos show. Thanks for letting me comment here!


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